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Microcare Products




During the day when you using the most energy your energy source is your solar panels, at night your system changes over and uses Eskom electricity.
Plus side: you save on electricity bills. Negative side: you still stuck with loadshedding at night.

When you have no Eskom available or you would like to be completely off grid and self sufficient.
The sun through your solar panels or a wind turbine is your source of energy during the day and your battery pack is filled up to ensure that you have sufficient energy to get you through the night.

Energy from your solar panels stored in a battery pack, means that you have no loadshedding.
You will use the sun's energy during the day to run all your appliances, at night your battery pack is your source of energy.
You are still tied to the grid which means should you run out of power you can draw from the grid, you can also export excess into the grid when your battery pack is full


battery pack backup solution for when utility fails. The UPS changes over automatic within milliseconds. The inverter is sized by your load and your batteries to the backup time you want to utilise.

We can convert your current electrical pump to be powered by solar power. Our system employs Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology to do this. We are able to convert both single phase and three-phase pumps. We can also assist you with purchasing pumps for new installations. We can convert most pumps up to 5.5kW in size, including, but not limited to:
Borehole pumps
Irrigation pump
Booster pumps
Circulation pumps
Swimming pool pumps